The Onion Effect

We believe in empowering advocacy-driven organizations and those with the heart to give by making even more accessible.

Keeping this belief close to our hearts, we developed The Onion Effect which will allow each one of us to build one, collective, and united group to grow and thrive in this world. You and I can make up a layer that helps another layer, which in turn helps another layer, until help is made available to everyone. The Onion Effect distributes the help you give not just among the advocacies you choose, but also to those who allowed you to help through Harvees. This system can reach up to ten layers and every help you give through the game is felt by everyone that makes up the layers of the onion you belong to.

In the same way, you can also receive help when you cultivate your very own 10-layer forest through the Harvees Seeds you share. As your very own forest grows, more help is being generated for the advocacies you and the others have chosen. At the same time, you can receive a portion of the crop proceeds as Farmer's Incentive! Just imagine that for every 30 crops spent by your forest, 20 crops are equally divided into the advocacy they have chosen and the advocacy program by Harvees that you have also selected, while the remaining 10 crops will be equally distributed among the 10 onion layers that include you.

The world we live in is faced with many adversities. Each one of us has the power to take part in collectively taking care of our planet and one another. Together, we stand to make our world a better place!