How to Play

You're all set and got your farmer hat on! But wait, how do you exactly play Harvees? Don't worry, we have your back. Here's a quick starter guide about how to play Harvees:

  • Planting your Harvees Seed
    You may start playing Harvees by receiving and planting a Harvees Seed. After planting your Harvees Seed, you'll be asked to select an advocacy to support and an advocacy program by One Advocacy. Your selected advocacy, along with the advocacy program by One Advocacy, will automatically receive ten crops each as a result of the Harvees Seed you just planted.

  • Taking care of your Harvees Seed
    Like any other seed, your Harvees Seed sprouts into life. But in order to do so, you'll need to takecare of it by using Growth Buttons, such as Rainfall, Bee Swarm, or Seed Moon.

    • Rainfall: generates 200 energy and grows your plant by 10 cm
    • Bee Swarm: generates 2,000 energy and grows your plant by 1 m
    • Seed Moon: generates 20,000 energy and grows your plant by 10 m

    The crops needed to purchase each Growth Button vary, as well as the resulting growth for your plant. Growing your plant gives you energy points, which you will need to use to harvest crops when they arrive. You can check you plant height and available energy in your Plant Profile in the heads-up-display.

    To guide you in growing your Harvees Seed into a massive tree, here are the height thresholds foreach growth evolution stage:

    • Seedling – 10 cm
    • Sapling – 1 m
    • Pole – 3 m
    • Tree – 10 m

  • Sharing Harvees Seeds
    Now that you have grown your Harvees Seed into a massive tree, you might want to share the experience with others by giving them their own Harvees Seed. Don't get us wrong, you may give a Harvees Seed to anyone at any given time, not just when you've grown your own. Sharing Harvees Seeds will allow you to grow your forest size, as well as expanding the layers of your very own Onion. A larger forest means more people are helping other people, while also earning through Farmer's Incentives. In-game, sharing a Harvees Seed also benefits your own Plant, as each Harvees Seed that you give earns you one Free Rainbow. Each rainbow gives you 300 bonus energy and increases your Harvest Speed by 1 crop per day.

  • Harvesting your crops
    You've grown your Harvees Seed and shared the experience by giving away some Harvees Seeds to your family, friends, and peers. Now that they're doing the same, your tree will start to yield crops as a result of the Farmer's Incentive – that's how you know you're ready to harvest! Here are a few things to remember:

    • Harvest Speed (crops per day) – Your ability to harvest crops in a day is limited by your harvest speed. When you yield more crops than you could harvest, some of them will wither. To increase your Harvest Speed, make sure to use the Rainbow you receive whenever you give out Harvees Seeds.

    • Harvest Time – If available crops for harvest reach your harvest speed limit, the time it would take to harvest it all is 24 hours. Harvest time is proportionately decreased if you are harvesting below your limit. For instance, if you have 30 CPD, it would take 24 hours to harvest 30 crops. Using the same example, harvesting 15 crops would take you about 12 hours.

      Harvest Time = (15 Harvestable Crops / 30 CPD) x 24 hours

    • Tornado – Cannot wait for your harvest to complete? Use a tornado and instantly harvest all crops that are currently being harvested! Using a tornado will cost you more energy though, so strategize!

  • Selling Crops
    You have stockpiled hundreds if not thousands of crops while playing Harvees. You may use these harvested crops to purchase growth tools for your own plant, or maybe purchase more Harvees Seeds to give to your family, friends, and peers. Aside from these, you may also sell your crops and receive real-world equivalents.

  • My Advocacies
    You can check the amount of help you have given through the My Advocacies tab. It shows how much crops we have allocated for advocacies through your own crop spending. You may also see their story, as well as where and how they are making an impact through the help you continuously give.

This is just a basic guide how you can play Harvees. Your short and long term strategies are all up to you. Good luck and we'll see you in the field, Farmer!