How It Works

Our goal is to achieve the Onion Effect through Harvees. We believe that the system would only work if we can collectively put together our resources and use it for the common good of everyone. That is why we have meticulously developed Harvees into a sustainable platform wherein people could both donate to advocacies and real-world incentives – all through playing an interactive game.

Through Harvees, here's how we can sustainably achieve the Onion Effect:

  • Advocacy Fundraiser
    Everytime you give a Harvees Seed or spend crops on growing your own plant, two thirds of the proceeds go to two advocacies – one part for your chosen advocacy and another for the advocacy currently supported by Harvees. We only deduct a minimal percentage for taxation and other financial processing fees. And to make sure that we're accountable for the help you give, we'll be publicly uploading a transparency report about how much funding is raised for each partner advocacy every quarter. You can check that out on our website at

  • Farmer's Incentive
    Harvees is designed to help those who help, like you and every person who play Harvees. That is why the remaining one third of all your crop spending is equally distributed as harvestable crops among the ten layers of the onion you belong to, but excluding the one who gave you your seed. So for instance, if you spend 30 crops to send a Rainfall to grow your seed, 10 crops will be equally divided and distributed among the people who helped the person you received your Harvees Seed from.

    Using the same process, you can also earn crops from your very own 10-layer forest. Your Farmer's Incentive will come from plants that grew through your shared Harvees Seeds. Whenever they use crops to give a Harvees Seed, use Rainfall, Bee Swarm, or Seed Moon, you will earn a tenth of the distributable Farmer's Incentive.

  • Spillovers
    To maximize the distribution of help to your chosen advocacies and your Onion Layers, Harvees does not earn anything from your crop transactions. Our revenue stream comes from Spillovers, which can be in three forms:

    • Limited Onion Layers – No matter how deep your Onion Layers are, the Farmer's Incentive will always be divided into ten equal crop distributions. In case of Limited Onion Layers, or Onions not extending to ten layers deep, Harvees will receive the residual amount of crop distribution. For instance, if 10 crops are to be distributed to an Onion with only seven layers, only 7 crops will be distributed equally among the layers, while the remaining 3 are Spillovers and will be given to Harvees.

    • Unharvested Crops – As a rule, harvestable crops are only available for 24 hours. If crops remain unharvested after that time lapses, they will wither and become Spillovers. To help you harvest on time and avoid crop withering, you may use the Tornado for instant harvests.

    • Withered Plants – Your Harvees plant needs to receive care regularly. If left unattended for 7 days or more, your Harvees plant will wither and all incoming harvestable crops will be Spillovers until you use a growth tool to your plant. Our tip? Send a rainfall at least once a week and pay for it using the crops you have earned and harvested.

Through this sustainable system that we have developed, we can ensure that the help you give is fairly, transparently, and immediately made available to those who need it most. Our goal is to get everyone involved because if everyone gives help, everyone receives help. That's how we'll achieve the Onion Effect through Harvees. That's how you and I make a positive difference in this world.